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Posted by jobinmartin on December 20, 2005

Association has a greatest role in memorizing things,instances or anything like that.
From my personal experience i have found out that it is very true.

We learn a new idea by associating that idea with an old idea that we have earlier learned.If a child learns a new word eg:apple he first associates the apple with the color red,whenever he thinks of apple something red comes to his mind.

We can apply this principle while learning also.

1.Remembering names
A good number of people have difficulty in remembering names.This problem can be solved very easily,associate associate associate….

Associate his/her facial appearance to something very funny or worth remembering so that whenever you think of that person,that funny incident will come to your mind…

2.Remembering grocery lists
Make some funny association between 1st object and 2nd object,2nd and 3rd and so on…now try to remember everything in sequence,it will work out sure


make some funny association like this:

A fish looking like a ginger with soily scales all over the body to clean its body the shopkeeper is pouring some milk over it(instead of using water!!!)accidentally he gets into a heap of onion and begins crying at that same instance rice begins falling from the roof making a very funny scene.

Did you benefit anything from this post????just leave me a comment on how i can improve the posts


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