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do you remember that face???

Posted by jobinmartin on February 7, 2006

Do you know a fact!!!(not a general fact)My memory works best in recognising faces.Once I have seen a person somewhere,it is very difficult for me to forget him/her.But I was very poor at remembering their names even for a short while!!!
What was the reason?

The answer is simple,I did not pay enough attention when he/she told his/her name to me.I was always busy planning a next question or to say something interesting.It was a long time later that I understood,how important ones name is to oneself.It is the dearest thing they would like us to utter.So I decided to learn names.How could I accomplish it?? I did it like this,it may interest you too

1.Try to grasp his/her name at the first point(don’t irritate by asking,err i forgot will u tell it oncemore??)

2.Corelate the persons name with some interesting features of the person or some interesting landmark on his face.
eg:Kiran..first split the word into two,I got Ki”ran”..what a coincidence,this man is a coward and he runs away on demanding situations…so whenever his face pops up I remember his name from the way he behaves…similarly you can try with other features as well

try it out it is very interesting


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