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Magic word of memory-Repetition

Posted by jobinmartin on March 21, 2010

There are a lot of  tricks and devices out there, which claims to improve our memory a lot.I have tried quite a few, but got bored every time I read those books. I could never go past the first few pages.

Experiences in life is the most important memory builder. Learning is a continuous process.The purpose of learning is different for different people. A student studying for MCQ exam need not remember the whole subject, what he needs to know is to pick out a difference.

Reading a subject once, revising it after 24 hours and after a few months, writing an exam on the subject will reinforce the memory. Memory is acquired through a reward mechanism. If we get a reward for remembering, the memory is converted from short term to long term.

Repetition is the most important word in the whole memory process. So go on repeating.


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