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Pathological Bodies and diseases concerned

Posted by jobinmartin on July 19, 2010

Aschoff Bodies – rheumatic fever

Asteroid body – sporotrichosis

BABES – ERNST Bodies – metachromatic granules

BALBIANI’S Bodies – yolk nucleus

Bamboo bodies – asbestosis

Bodies OF ARANTIUS – aortic valve nodules

BODY OF HIGHMORE – mediastinum testis

Bollinger bodies – fowlpox
Brassy body – dark shrunken blood corpuscle found in malaria

Call exners bodies – granulosa theca cell tumour

Chromatid bodies – entamoeba histolytica precyst

Citron bodies – cl. Septicum

Civatte bodies – lichen planus

Councilman bodies – hepatitis B

Coccoid X bodies – psittacosis
Creola bodies – asthma
Cystoid bodies – in degenerated retinal nerve fibers ( seen in Cotton wool spots)
Donnes bodies – colostrums corpuscles

Donovan bodies – granulose inguinale (LGV)

Ferruginous bodies – asbestosis

Gamma gandy bodies – congestive splenomegaly

Guarnieri bodies – inclusion bodies of vaccinia

Henderson Peterson bodies – molluscum contagiosum

Harting bodies – calcospheritis in the cerebral capillaries

Heinz bodies – G 6 PD deficiency

Herring bodies – neurohypophysis

Heterophil antibodies – infectious mononucleosis

Hirano bodies – alzheimer’s disease

Lewy bodies – parkinsonism

Levinthal coles lille bodies – psittacosis

Mallory bodies – alcoholic hepatitis

Masson bodies – rheumatic pneumonia

Michelis guttman bodies – malakoplakia

Mooser bodies – endemic typhus
Moot bodies – multiple myeloma
Negri bodies – rabies
Odland body – keratinosome
Oken’s body – mesonephros

Paschen bodies – vaccinia / variola

Pick bodies – picks disease

Psamomma bodies –

  • 1. papillary carcinoma of thyroid
  • 2. serous papillary carcinoma of ovary
  • 3. meningioma
  • 4. mesothelioma

Reilly bodies – hurler’s syndrome

Rokitansky bodies – teratoma

Ross’s bodies – syphilis
Rushton bodies – odontogenic cyst
Sclerotic bodies – chromoblastomycosis
Sandstorm bodies – parathyroid glands

Schillar dual bodies – yolk sac tumour

Schaumann bodies – sarcoidosis
Verocay bodies – schwanoma
Winkler bodies – syphilis

Zebra bodies – metachromatic leukodystrophy


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