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The House Of Aminoacids

Posted by jobinmartin on July 22, 2010

A house of Aminoacids, the thought itself may seem immature, but there are many things on the surface of earth which exists. This House is believed to exist in the outskirts of Amsterdam.

The purpose of this house may seem silly, but people do many things just for fun. This house was built just to learn more about amino acids and their classification.I became so interested and went through this house on a visit there, so that a topic which has been so confusing through out my life could be learnt so easily.

The house of Amino Acids is built based on the memory principles, Peg system of memory and the loci system of memory.Doors and rooms are designed so as to make a lasting memory of Amino acids and their classification.

Usually tourist places have an entry fee, just for the maintenance, but the people who managed this House was so reluctant to accept any entry fee.I was welcomed with a warm shakehand, and they explained what to expect there and gave a classification of essential and non essential amino acids.

Just to mention


Semi essential:Arginine and histidine

Simple Aa:glycine,alanine

Only optically inactive amino acid:Glycine

There was a Big Gate welcoming visitors, it was painted Silver and THE HOUSE OF AMINOACIDS was inscribed on it with RED.

The front door was beautifully furnished, the name Isoleucine was printed on with, I wonder why some ice cubes were drawn on the front door. ICE=ISO?, there was a big hallway in front of me, rooms on either side with doors.The amino acids in the first room were Non polar and they were 8 in number 6 were essential and 2 were non essential.

I first decided to take a count of number of rooms, total 9 rooms, and 10 doors including the front door, I understood that the doors were meant to memorize the amino acids and rooms were meant to memorize the different properties of amino acids.There were 3 rooms on the left and 4 rooms on the right.

2.second door was meant for Leucine, on entering this room I got the smell of burnt charcoal( Keto aminoacid)

3. The third door was an extension of the first room, and Threonine was written on it, threonine had some friends inside too,these friends were drinking water( polar).

4. The fourth door was meant for Lysine, it felt just like a bedroom and since bed room is meant for a basic need(sleep ) I thought some other basic aminoacids will be present too.I was right I saw Arginine and Histidine sleeping on the bed!

5. Fifth door Methionine. I also remembered that methionine and cysteine were sulfur containing amino acids.

6.Phenylalanine. Also that Phenylalanine and tyrosine are Aromatic Amino acids

7.Tryptophan.Histidine and tryptophan are heterocyclic

8.Valine.Along with Valine,leucine and isoleucine are branched Amino acids

As you can see doors 1 to 8 were meant for essential amino acids.Now you can place whatever in these rooms to fit in the other classifications ie polar and non polar, Simple, branched,Ketogenic glucogenic etc etc.

Any Help In Learning These Little Molecules Proves Truly Valuable

9 and 10 were on the other side of the building for Arginine and Histidine Both semiessential amino acids


2 Responses to “The House Of Aminoacids”

  1. Dennis Robert said

    Nice attempt man, but isn’t it easier to just mug up rather than this?
    Aspartic acide and Glutamic acid are the acidic AAs, the well known ones with an ‘acide’ suffix.
    Basic AAs- lysine, arginine, histidine. Remember ‘LAH’or ‘HAL'( Bases yield salts, most salts contain ‘HAL’ogens’)
    There are lots of ways for essential AAs, but I’d suggest you just mug up the 8 ones. A common mistake is to misinterpret Tyrosine as an essential AA. However, if you know the Catecholamine synthesis pathway, you would easily remember that Phenyl Alanine is converted to Tyrosine by Phenyl Alanine Hydroxylase, so Tyrosine can’t be an essential AA. The other two ‘T’ AAs, threonine and tryptophan are essential. So is Phenyl alanine. Now, we got 3. Now, remember that all branched chain amino acids (the ones involved in Maple Syrup Disease) are essential. Branched chain AAs are leucine, isoleucine and valine- ‘LIVE’. There are no AAs beginning with ‘E’, so LIVE is a useful mnemonic for branched chain AA.
    So,we grabbed 6 out of 8. The other two are Lysine and Methionine. Now, come on, just mug up these two are essential.
    The two ‘T”s – Try and Threonine (Not Tyr, as it can be formed from Phenyl Alanine- rem CA synthesis)
    Since Tyr is from Phenyl Alanine, Phe should be essential.
    Branched chain ones- LIVE- Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine.
    The other two ones- lysine and methionine.

    • Dennis, you are a truly great guy,maybe that’s why you are a bit different!

      I tried to learn this topic many times, but never tried so hard so as to memorize all the details. In the PG entrance perspective we needed all those properties like

      2.Aromatic,BRANCHED CHAIN
      3.non polar,Polar and again into acidic and basic

      I couldn’t handle all these, so I tried to use this method of loci to memorize.

      Now we have a better method to remember all those, with great inputs from you.

      Keep the comments coming.

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