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Types of collagen

Posted by jobinmartin on September 7, 2010

Everyone knows there are 4 “important” types of collagen,of the total 16 types.

Type I————   Bone,fibrocartilage,ligaments,tendon,dentin

Type II————–Vitreous,Hyaline cartilage,Elastic Cartilage

Type III———————-Healing tissue,muscle,Blood vessels

Type IV———————Basement membrane(2 dimentional)

So it seems that the type of collagen proceeds from I,II,III and IV while we move out from within a limb.

Bone,Cartilage,Tissue,basement membrane.Skin is formed by both I and III.

three amino acids: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline are important in collagen triple helix.These amino acids make up the characteristic repeating motif Gly-Pro-X, where X can be any amino acid


2 Responses to “Types of collagen”

  1. Jane said

    only 4 types???
    now confused 😐

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