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Inequality among the equals and how it may pave way for extremism in Modern India

Posted by jobinmartin on August 23, 2010

The emergence of new world naxalism in India will be the next big cause of worry for administrators of modern India.Naxalism which is affecting a great part of India has now been attributed to denial of rights of  ingenous population of the country.Deforestation, mining activities, snatching away the lands from righteous hands have all lead to the current situation India is facing now.

Though the government is trying to solve inequalities in one end, it starts developing at another end.This time the govt is to blame for their own actions.The different commissions set up for pay revisions and providing reservations are the main cause which will be leading to unrest in the educated sections of this country.There is growing unrest among different sections of the society regarding the payscales and the work they do for the nation.

The UGC scale which has been implemented in colleges is a main cause, which has spread inequalities in distribution of wealth throughout the country.Ask any college students, what their Professors are doing, then you will get the real picture. Most of the so called professors will be taking an hour or two of class and the rest of the time in college can be spent in any way they like(gossiping, sleeping,reading newspaper). Atleast this is the case in most of the colleges, excluding a select few premier institutions. Though UGC has put strict recommendations regarding the working hours , these are almost never followed.So what this payscale revision has done is more harm than good. This makes people think, Why do I have to work so hard to earn daily bread as these people earn lakhs in a month by just doing ordinary work any other educated man can do? The people who work in the IT field earn their high salary by working so hard that they don’t even get a good sleep.Doctors at medical colleges and other govt institutions too do a great job even though most institutions don’t offer UGC scale.This is called inequality among equals or near equals, because professionals like doctors or engineers who spend most of life time in studies are not earning the reward they are supposed to get. What else is needed to create unrest among educated masses?

When the government starts to implement a new policy or payscale revision it has to consider the impact it will have on other sections of the society. How it will affect the lives of other people around, who are being affected by an unprecedented increase in wealth in their neighbourhoods. A person who earns about one lakh a month( which is a great salary for Indian conditions) who does just ordinary work, can spend their salary in anyway they want. They can get admission for their children at Private Medical colleges, send their children abroad, but a luxury car go for a round the globe tour with just one or two years work.While most other people will have to work almost all their lifetime for these accomplishments.Why  can’t I be like him, I am more educated, I do more work,the only way I differ from him is that he is more lucky than I am.So why should I work so hard and just do something for the sake and just take the salary and go home?When this attitude develops in the mind of the working generation, the hopes of achieving developing goals will go down the drain.Just in the way Cannabis,Bhang, Charas and any other substance of abuse does, it will create an amotivation syndrome. A lack of drive, the drive to strive forward to accomplish the goals the country has been striving for years.

The policy of the government should be ensuring equality among the equals and not to bring inequality and disrupt the peace that linger in our minds.Right policy decisions should be taken keeping the overall equilibrium of the society, any change in policy which affects this equilibrium will result in undesirable effects which can never be undone.


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