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Structures piercing diaphragm

Posted by jobinmartin on September 9, 2010

T8-Venacaval opening

T10-Oesophageal opening

T12-Aortic opening

10-Oesophageal opening 0=O, the other two opening lie 2 levels above and below.

Venacava is ascending—–Inf venacava, so it pierces the diaphragam at a higher level. Oesophagus and Aorta are descending so they pierce at a lower level

Other structure passing

T8-IVC,Right phrenic n

T10-esophagus,left gastric art

T12-ATA —–Aorta,Thoracic duct,Azygous vein


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Gut Divisions,bloddsupply and nerve supply

Posted by jobinmartin on September 9, 2010

FOREGUT-Stomach,(liver,GB,Pancreas),Ist part of duodenum

MIDGUT-Duo,jejunum,ileum,caecum,asc colon,tr colon till jn of  med 2/3rd and lat 1/3rd

HINDGUT-Tr colon1/3rd,des colon,sigmoid col,rectum, anal canal.

Blood supply


Foregut-Celiac trunk

Midgut-Superior mesenteric

Hindgut-Inferior mesenteric


Foregut-individual veins

Midgut-superior mesenteric

Hindgut-Inf mesenteric

Nerve supply






S234———Pelvic splanchnic(parasympathetic)

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