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Posted by jobinmartin on September 9, 2010

Primary chancre of syphilis on the hand.

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Primary syphilis

Sexual contact

10-90 days incubation(21)

Chancre(a firm, painless skin ulceration localized at the point of initial exposure to the spirochete, often on the penis, vagina or rectum)

Heal spontaneosly

Secondary Syphilis

1-6 months after initial infection

Most infective

Condyloma latum

Tertiary syphilis

1-10 years after initial infection

Gummas,granulomas(Body cannot clear the infection)

neuropathic joint

Cardiovascular syphilis(syphilitic aortitis, aortic aneurysm, aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva and aortic regurgitation),tree bark appearance,cor bovinum(cow’s heart)


General paralysis of the insane

Argyll Robertson pupil( bilateral small pupils that constrict when the patient focuses on a near object (they “accommodate”), but do not constrict when exposed to bright light (they do not “react” to light). They were formerly known as “Prostitute’s Pupils” because of their association with tertiary syphilis and because of the convenient mnemonic that, like a prostitute, they “accommodate but do not react)

Tabes dorsalis(Tabes dorsalis is caused by demyelination.The degenerating nerves are in the dorsal columns (posterior columns) of the spinal cord (the portion closest to the back of the body) and carry information that help maintain a person’s sense of position (proprioception), vibration, and discriminative touch)

De mussets sign(a rhythmic nodding or bobbing of the head in synchrony with the beating of the heart, in general as a result of aortic insufficiency caused by aortic regurgitation)



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