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The key to memory-3R’s

Posted by jobinmartin on February 17, 2008

Read, Recite, Revise.

It is a known fact, that the more number of times we do the 3r’s,  more embedded a fact becomes into our brain. Though I do read, I myself feel timid to recite it, and not to mention revising!

Use all sensory modalities 

While learning, try to use all our sensory modalities.


Look into pictures. A picture is worth 100’s of words and a video is worth 100’s of such pictures and a real life experience is worth 100’s of such videos.

It is the eye, which is most valuable tool in learning process. If we learn a fact try to verify it with our own eyes. You are less likely to forget it!

2. Touch 

Touch and feel, the object we intent to study. Writing in fact is a way of touching. The more we write the more we remember.

3 . Smell

Though it may seem funny, smell has a role in our studies. Smell and see. You never forget an occasion filled with wonderful aroma.

4 .Pain

Have you ever forgotten the punishment from your class teacher? It is less likely that you forget such bitter experiences.

Pain in the other sense means, the effort we have pumped in, our devotion to our work.

“Take pain in doing your work”

5. words

The power of words need not be over emphasized. In fact learning process is accelerated by reciting loud. Though it may seem childish, it helps us a lot.

Recite recite recite.

In the next post: More on developing memory, keywords.


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