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The simplest and best way to do a task which is very difficult to perform. | Master Of Medicine

Posted by jobinmartin on January 24, 2011

The simplest and best way to do a task which is very difficult to perform. | Master Of Medicine.


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Cardiac action potential

Posted by jobinmartin on September 13, 2010

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Posted by jobinmartin on September 9, 2010

Primary chancre of syphilis on the hand.

Image via Wikipedia

Primary syphilis

Sexual contact

10-90 days incubation(21)

Chancre(a firm, painless skin ulceration localized at the point of initial exposure to the spirochete, often on the penis, vagina or rectum)

Heal spontaneosly

Secondary Syphilis

1-6 months after initial infection

Most infective

Condyloma latum

Tertiary syphilis

1-10 years after initial infection

Gummas,granulomas(Body cannot clear the infection)

neuropathic joint

Cardiovascular syphilis(syphilitic aortitis, aortic aneurysm, aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva and aortic regurgitation),tree bark appearance,cor bovinum(cow’s heart)


General paralysis of the insane

Argyll Robertson pupil( bilateral small pupils that constrict when the patient focuses on a near object (they “accommodate”), but do not constrict when exposed to bright light (they do not “react” to light). They were formerly known as “Prostitute’s Pupils” because of their association with tertiary syphilis and because of the convenient mnemonic that, like a prostitute, they “accommodate but do not react)

Tabes dorsalis(Tabes dorsalis is caused by demyelination.The degenerating nerves are in the dorsal columns (posterior columns) of the spinal cord (the portion closest to the back of the body) and carry information that help maintain a person’s sense of position (proprioception), vibration, and discriminative touch)

De mussets sign(a rhythmic nodding or bobbing of the head in synchrony with the beating of the heart, in general as a result of aortic insufficiency caused by aortic regurgitation)


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Structures piercing diaphragm

Posted by jobinmartin on September 9, 2010

T8-Venacaval opening

T10-Oesophageal opening

T12-Aortic opening

10-Oesophageal opening 0=O, the other two opening lie 2 levels above and below.

Venacava is ascending—–Inf venacava, so it pierces the diaphragam at a higher level. Oesophagus and Aorta are descending so they pierce at a lower level

Other structure passing

T8-IVC,Right phrenic n

T10-esophagus,left gastric art

T12-ATA —–Aorta,Thoracic duct,Azygous vein

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Gut Divisions,bloddsupply and nerve supply

Posted by jobinmartin on September 9, 2010

FOREGUT-Stomach,(liver,GB,Pancreas),Ist part of duodenum

MIDGUT-Duo,jejunum,ileum,caecum,asc colon,tr colon till jn of  med 2/3rd and lat 1/3rd

HINDGUT-Tr colon1/3rd,des colon,sigmoid col,rectum, anal canal.

Blood supply


Foregut-Celiac trunk

Midgut-Superior mesenteric

Hindgut-Inferior mesenteric


Foregut-individual veins

Midgut-superior mesenteric

Hindgut-Inf mesenteric

Nerve supply






S234———Pelvic splanchnic(parasympathetic)

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Types of collagen

Posted by jobinmartin on September 7, 2010

Everyone knows there are 4 “important” types of collagen,of the total 16 types.

Type I————   Bone,fibrocartilage,ligaments,tendon,dentin

Type II————–Vitreous,Hyaline cartilage,Elastic Cartilage

Type III———————-Healing tissue,muscle,Blood vessels

Type IV———————Basement membrane(2 dimentional)

So it seems that the type of collagen proceeds from I,II,III and IV while we move out from within a limb.

Bone,Cartilage,Tissue,basement membrane.Skin is formed by both I and III.

three amino acids: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline are important in collagen triple helix.These amino acids make up the characteristic repeating motif Gly-Pro-X, where X can be any amino acid

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Direct and Indirect

Posted by jobinmartin on September 3, 2010

Coombs Test


Defined by their relationship to the inferior epigastric vessels.

Direct inguinal hernias occur medial to the inferior epigastric vessels when abdominal contents herniate through the external inguinal ring. Indirect inguinal hernias occur when abdominal contents protrude through the deep inguinal ring, lateral to the inferior epigastric vessels; this may be caused by failure of embryonic closure of the processus vaginalis.

Hasselbachs Triangle

This can be remembered by the mnemonic RIP (as Direct inguinal hernias rip directly through the abdominal wall.)

Amyands Hernia-Vermiform Appendix

Littres Hernia-Meckels Diverticulum




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The Pathology behind a criminal mind.

Posted by jobinmartin on August 25, 2010

How do criminals and saints evolve?If you cannot blame a person  for his misdeeds  or praise a person for his accomplishments what is the point in living a life?These were some of the questions which perplexed my mind for quite a long time.“No one is born as a criminal or as a saint”,this is a proverb which has been repeated over ages. Does this  have any meaning, if it has a meaning how can we deduce the outcome from this sentence?

Now I have got the answer to this question, and it is really interesting.To understand more of this complex phenomenon we have to go through some simple reasoning.

Difference between a smoker and non smoker

Do you know the difference between a smoker and a non smoker? The difference between them started from the common dilemma they had. The common point connecting them is that at some point in their life, they faced the same dilemma, Should I smoke?.Those who decided to go with their desire became smokers and others non smokers.Non smokers can be of two types, either they  had a very strong will or they were having a really indecisive mind.Their indecisive mind would have prolonged their desire to smoke from time to time, and they could never muster the courage to indulge in smoking, for the fear of being caught red handed.The decisions of smokers would have been affected by a lot of external factors like friend circle and state of mind.Many chain smokers would have been smoke haters if they had escaped that fateful moment, the day of first puff! Once they took the first puff, the big wall which separated them from the wretched smokers had crumbled. Now the greatest barrier which held this man from smoking had been broken,his inhibition has blown away.Once the barrier has been overcome there is no looking back.The first few days would be filled with fear and guilt but soon it will disappear.

The story of the smoker holds true for every other vice in life.If you ask a chronic alcoholic, he will talk about his first drink.Ask a person who indulges in multiple sexual relationships, he will talk about his first encounter and represent it as his stepping stone to success.

If you ask a smoker who quit,”How did you manage to quit smoking?” He will say that his courage to withhold his first puff held him for so long.Had he taken the first puff, his motivating factor would have disappeared and he would have fell into his old vice again.

The Principle of reward and punishment

The principle of all this lies in the reward -punishment system which controls  of our actions.When your actions are rewarded you are most likely to do it again,whereas if you are punished, you are less likely to perform this act.

How one becomes a criminal.

When you are about to indulge in an act which is widely perceived to be a taboo,conversation within your mind goes like this:

” This is a very bad act, I shouldn’t perform it.”

” Why shouldn’t I, most of my friends and a lot of others do it.”

“I shouldn’t do this because I have some moral values.”

This inner conversation may go on for a few hours or may stretch  even to several days.Suddenly you gather all your courage to beat your conscience and do the act.You fell guilty and miserable for a few hours.Eventually the guilt wanes, and when your next chance to perform the forbidden act comes, the inhibition will be much less.After a few days you will be performing this activity daily and can feel normal.This is how criminal minds work, they all faced the dilemma, their inhibition is now gone, they live the life which is  normal in their own perspective.When they see blood or when they rape, they see it as a system which rewards them for their act.

Now consider a scenario, when you were caught red handed in your first act itself.The chances of you performing the act again will be much less, unless you are a very stubborn person.If this punishment happens the earlier, the better.As time goes by the role of punishment in reversing the act declines.Like a child who fears the cane of his teacher,every man fears the long arm of the law. As the child grows up his fear for the cane declines and eventually disappear,same in the case of a criminal facing the law for the first time and the tenth time!This is the role punishment has in our day today lives.

How to live a successful life in your own standards.

So if you are a person having clear ideals,you can lead a life you wanted to live by holding back your desire, don’t break the barrier you set for yourself.Remember this a person who is having a bad habit for quite a long time, he may not have any guilt. He or she  sees the act as quite normal,just like a prostitute who lost her inhibition after quite a long time of indulgence, they may invite you.So keep your virginity in matters you consider as a taboo. This is how you can lead a successful life in your own standards!

P.S Indeed there are born criminals, having defects in their chromosomes, highly aggressive people. But those anomalies are only a few in millions.This post is all about choices we made in our life.

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How views of others influence our thoughts and actions

Posted by jobinmartin on August 24, 2010

”   Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”

Lao Tze

I came across this quote while surfing through stateofmindz blog. Reading this quote was like discovering something which I knew from my day today experience. The quote in itself conveys great ideas but there was something missing,Something I had been searching for such a long time.Now I have the answer to what I was searching, I had something to add to the quote.

Another version of this quote can be read as:

“Thoughts of others become their words
Their words influence our thought
These thoughts influence our words
These words influence a lot of others”

Haven’t you noticed how the thoughts and actions of others influence our behavior? When we hear an opinion on a subject, which we never thought of before, it becomes our opinion. So when someone else talks on this subject we too give an opinion, the other person’s version( The first person who talked on this subject). If the first person who talked to us on the subject was having some vested interest, and if we believed his opinion without doing any research a lot of others are going to be doomed. This is how the train of thought travels.

This type of thought manipulation occurs all the time and we are not even aware of this. When a friend talks about a movie and presents his opinion,” Man, that movie was wonderful” just because he is the greatest fan of the hero, who infact did a very bad job, our thoughts too become just like his. When someone else asks, we may just say, “It is a wonderful movie”.Thought manipulation of this form may be harmless, but when it comes to more  serious subjects it becomes detrimental.

Political views,views on love, family integrity, honour and a lot of others subjects are most prone to thought manipulation.

A friend of mine and I had this interesting talk on love vs arranged marriage. He was a person who had his love crushed by his parents, and his views were really changed this time. He said” Love marriage is like poorly planned robbery”. I had no opinion regarding this subject and the thought became deep rooted in my mind. So next time the subject came up, even though I had no clear idea, I gave away my opinion” Love marriage is like a poorly planned robbery”, it immediately got a great deal of attention. What I did was just absurd, now not only me but a lot of other people were having this belief. The only way we can get out of this type of manipulation is by doing a study on the subject, or by asking someone who was a master on this subject. So what I did next was, I asked another friend of mine who was leading a married life with his long time lover. This person had another version for me  “Living with a known devil, is much better than living with an unknown one”. Man, these guys have a hell lot of ideas! This time I am not going to be tricked, I will believe when I have an experience, when I understand really what I am thinking about or going to talk about.

If we don’t pay enough attention in this regard, there is high chance that our views will be biased on any subject we are not proficient enough to give an opinion.

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Inequality among the equals and how it may pave way for extremism in Modern India

Posted by jobinmartin on August 23, 2010

The emergence of new world naxalism in India will be the next big cause of worry for administrators of modern India.Naxalism which is affecting a great part of India has now been attributed to denial of rights of  ingenous population of the country.Deforestation, mining activities, snatching away the lands from righteous hands have all lead to the current situation India is facing now.

Though the government is trying to solve inequalities in one end, it starts developing at another end.This time the govt is to blame for their own actions.The different commissions set up for pay revisions and providing reservations are the main cause which will be leading to unrest in the educated sections of this country.There is growing unrest among different sections of the society regarding the payscales and the work they do for the nation.

The UGC scale which has been implemented in colleges is a main cause, which has spread inequalities in distribution of wealth throughout the country.Ask any college students, what their Professors are doing, then you will get the real picture. Most of the so called professors will be taking an hour or two of class and the rest of the time in college can be spent in any way they like(gossiping, sleeping,reading newspaper). Atleast this is the case in most of the colleges, excluding a select few premier institutions. Though UGC has put strict recommendations regarding the working hours , these are almost never followed.So what this payscale revision has done is more harm than good. This makes people think, Why do I have to work so hard to earn daily bread as these people earn lakhs in a month by just doing ordinary work any other educated man can do? The people who work in the IT field earn their high salary by working so hard that they don’t even get a good sleep.Doctors at medical colleges and other govt institutions too do a great job even though most institutions don’t offer UGC scale.This is called inequality among equals or near equals, because professionals like doctors or engineers who spend most of life time in studies are not earning the reward they are supposed to get. What else is needed to create unrest among educated masses?

When the government starts to implement a new policy or payscale revision it has to consider the impact it will have on other sections of the society. How it will affect the lives of other people around, who are being affected by an unprecedented increase in wealth in their neighbourhoods. A person who earns about one lakh a month( which is a great salary for Indian conditions) who does just ordinary work, can spend their salary in anyway they want. They can get admission for their children at Private Medical colleges, send their children abroad, but a luxury car go for a round the globe tour with just one or two years work.While most other people will have to work almost all their lifetime for these accomplishments.Why  can’t I be like him, I am more educated, I do more work,the only way I differ from him is that he is more lucky than I am.So why should I work so hard and just do something for the sake and just take the salary and go home?When this attitude develops in the mind of the working generation, the hopes of achieving developing goals will go down the drain.Just in the way Cannabis,Bhang, Charas and any other substance of abuse does, it will create an amotivation syndrome. A lack of drive, the drive to strive forward to accomplish the goals the country has been striving for years.

The policy of the government should be ensuring equality among the equals and not to bring inequality and disrupt the peace that linger in our minds.Right policy decisions should be taken keeping the overall equilibrium of the society, any change in policy which affects this equilibrium will result in undesirable effects which can never be undone.

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