Mindboggling- Mind blogger?

A different way to think.All I learned about mind,memory,intelligence and self improvement.

About me

Where is mind situated? Inside the body,or outside? Some say mind is heart some say it is brain some others say it is a combination of both these.I don’t know about its location, but I know one thing. It can make people geniuses, artists, teachers, morons, criminals and dumb!

Blogging about mind means, blogging about anything in this world which can influence our day today life.I am a trainee in Plastic Surgery.


3 Responses to “About me”

  1. Narendra G. said

    Hi Martin
    Your blog is wonderful and the topics you are covering about mind,memory,intelligence and self improvement has always been topic of interest for me. The content of the bog is wonderful and I am expecting a lot from you as you are a doctor. Also you can add spirituality as one of the topic as it goes very well with self improvemnt, intelligence and mind. Keep sharing, waiting for some wonderful stuff.

  2. Dennis Robert said

    Update the status man.

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